Call of Duty Infinite War Available Now

In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the ease of traveling to space is as simple as pulling out of the driveway. This moment, in all its science-fictionalized spectacle, is emblematic of the rest of the campaign. The game’s indelible cast has little time to be impressed with advanced technologies; they’re too busy fighting an intergalactic war. This story is Infinite Warfare’s showpiece–a rare, finely constructed Call of Duty tale that manages to outshine its multiplayer counterparts, including a highly involving Zombies cooperative mode.

Infinite Warfare’s campaign kicks off with a classic sci-fi trope: Earth’s dwindling resources motivates and drives humanity to colonize other worlds, but colonization and time give rise to an off-world insurgency. The version of this group in Infinite Warfare–dubbed the Settlement Defense Front–takes an aggressive approach, restricting the earthbound forces’ resources with blockades while also racing them to colonize new moons and planets. When you take the controls as protagonist Nick Reyes, you promptly experience the savagery of the SDF firsthand. After the initial dust settles, Reyes undergoes a trial by fire when he’s suddenly promoted and given command of his own ship, both while continuing to repel the SDF threat.

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These events reveal Reyes as a vulnerable leader, one who is prone to moments of apprehension or regret. The campaign only lasts five to seven hours, but Infinite Warfare’s writers manage to craft meaningful characters with depth that rivals any from the Modern Warfare series. There’s Nora Salter, Reyes’ dependable ally who, up until recently, was the same rank as Reyes. Another example is chief engineer Audrey MaCallum, who appears for only a few minutes but manages to make the most of her limited screen time. As an ex-captain, she shares her poignant backstory, explaining how she gave up her commission by committing the mortal sin of caring for her crew. Caring and sacrifice are overarching themes that play into this story’s key moments.

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