Dare to risk it all to control your fate
A new world, a new story, and all-new Heroes of Light ready to save Excillant! Engage in turn-based RPG combat with a risk/reward system in the next entry of Square Enix’s Bravely series.

Travel the world with the brave band known as the Heroes of Light
The saga begins when our hero Seth, a young sailor, washes up on the shore of one of Excillant’s five kingdoms. Here, he meets Gloria of Musa, a princess who fled her kingdom when it was destroyed by evil forces bent on stealing its Crystals. He also encounters Elvis and Adelle, two travelers determined to decipher a mysterious and magical book. It’s up to you to stop the forces that threaten these heroes and all of Excillant.

Fight for survival on a beautiful and heroic quest
Embark on a search for four Crystals in the latest entry in the Bravely series. Explore a new world filled with new characters—with the atmosphere and gameplay the series is known for.

Balance risk and reward in strategic turn-base battles
Characters can make multiple moves in one turn, but then they may be unable perform actions for a while. Use the Brave command to spend Brave Points and perform up to four actions in a single turn. Use the Default command to bank your action for that turn—and earn a Brave Point for doing so.

Defeat bosses to acquire character jobs, each with their own distinct abilities
Dragoon - Dragoons are master spear-wielders who are also able to leap into the air and come down with a resounding bang.​
Swordmaster - Swordmasters are unrivalled experts in the way of the blade, able to switch stances in an instant for extra damage or a stinging counter blow.
Spiritmaster - Spiritmasters are able to summon ethereal beings from the beyond that can impart a range of long-lasting effects.
Oracle - Oracles are masters of the esoteric, whose abilities allow them to manipulate even space and time to their advantage.

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